This blog was made for you and me

Since we’re all here, I might as well tell you where I’m thinking of going with this blog. That way, everyone knows what to expect from each other, and you don’t have to question why you’re reading this.

Through this blog, I’ll explore media in a mix of abstract and practical ways.You won’t find movie reviews or links to pieces I’ve created here. Instead, you’ll find musings on the role of media in the life of a college student and in the lives of people in general. I’ll reflect on videos, articles, books, and other pieces of media that I encounter in my Principles of Media class.

These posts are in response to specific prompts from my professor. However, I’ll write them in such a way that they transcend the end of this semester and perhaps even contribute to human knowledge.

I’ll share how my thoughts about media and the media change. If my ideas change, I won’t delete my old posts. Instead, I’ll link back to them so you can see how my thoughts have progressed. Hooray for the advancement of knowledge!

Finally, I’d like this to be a conversation. But conversations aren’t one-sided! Please comment and tell me what you think. Ask questions, answer questions, and share your thoughts. Let’s do this!



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